Welcome to our Newest Georgia Chattahoochee Chapter Members

  • Brandon Iohnes, ICF, Inc., Roswell, GA, Joined 2/8/2021
  • Jim Hall, Jim Hall Associates, Cumming, GA, Joined 2/18/2021
  • Jason Horton, Summit Technologies, Inc., Phenix, AL, Joined 2/5/2021
  • Josh Cannington, Advanced Project Consulting, Warner Robins, GA Joined 3/31/2021
  • Lisa DeCerchio, Envistacom, LLC., Rehoboth Beach, DE, Joined 3/05/2021
  • Sinclaire Fryer, Rhodes-Porter, LLC., Augusta, GA, Joined 3/19/2021
  • Deborah Karagosian, DKI Solutions, LLC., Evans, GA, Joined 3/31/2021
  • Lierin Martin, Martin Federal Consulting, LLC., Huntsville, AL, Joined 3/01/2021
  • Kelly Olson, Kiewit Engineering Group, Inc., Atlanta, GA, Joined 3/03/2021
  • Angela Owens, QDI, Augusta, GA, Joined 3/02/2021


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How to Become a Member of the GA Chattahoochee Chapter

If you want to become a member of APMP and our Chapter, go to the APMP Member Registration page, fill out the application form, and complete your profile. When asked, "Do you wish to be affiliated with a local Chapter?", select "Georgia Chattahoochee." If you have any questions about membership in APMP, please send your inquiries to our membership officer Alan Lewis.

How to Renew your Membership Online

Visit APMP Renew Now to renew your membership.

GA Chattahoochee Chapter Presented Membership Award at National APMP Conference

At the 2009 APMP International Conference held in Orlando, FL, the Georgia Chattahoochee Chapter received the 2009 Membership Award. This award is given to the Chapter that shows outstanding performance in increasing membership during the preceding calendar year.

Why Being An APMP Member Has Its Benefits and Rewards!

At APMP, we welcome both novice and seasoned proposal professionals to learn about the latest trends and issues in the world of proposal development and stay up-to-date on the latest innovations in proposal management.

There are valuable benefits and resources for proposal professionals available to APMP members. Some of the benefits include:

  • Access to tools, methods, processes, innovations, talent and specialized expertise that can directly improve the ability to acquire new business and to sustain growth and competitiveness in a dynamic and demanding marketplace.
  • Choice to affiliate with any of our Chapters, located worldwide.
  • Subscription to The Journal and access to archives on the APMP website.
  • Access to The Perspective and archives on the APMP website.
  • Login access to members-only areas of the APMP website, and the ability to interact and participate in APMP Forum discussions.
  • Validation of Accreditation status at the APMP-Foundation™ Level and maintenance of Accreditation status. Only APMP members retain Accreditation at the APMP-Practitioner™ Level or APMP-Professional™ Level.
  • Login access to the APMP Body of Knowledge.
  • Be proud of your membership in APMP. Tell someone about it and invite guests to our meetings.