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Chapter Member

Keith Propst

How long have you been a proposal manager/specialist/ writer?

Since 1988

How did you become involved with proposals?

I was a project manager for HP working with pre-sales teams and got recruited to lead a project to manage an RFP response to NASA. Little did I know what I was getting myself into!

Do you work in a "corporate office" or "home office" environment?

Home office since late 90s.

What do you like best about working in your current environment?

No commute. Casual dress. Looking out my office window at nature. Hanging with our two kitties. Keeping MSNBC and the Golf Channel on the TV in the corner. Better productivity for my time. More time with my wife

What do you like least about working in your current environment?

The fact that my office is always a mess.

What do you feel is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Helping our sales team members understand why the disciplines involved with developing a good proposal and getting the proper approvals is critically important.

What shortcuts or helpful best practices about working with proposal teams could you share?

Take charge. You are the expert in developing the proposal. Be confident in what you are doing and fill the leadership vacuum for the proposal team.

Why/when did you join APMP?

Great way to spend time with people who know what you do and can support you when times get tough.

What is your method for successfully working with your proposal teams?

I tell people what they are supposed to do in a diplomatic way and operate from the point of view that they will do what they’re expected to. At the same time, I ask for evidence that they are delivering on their commitments.

Which type of proposals do you do most? Commercial, government or other?

Commercial and a few state and local government. I have limited experience with federal RFP responses.

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