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Kelly Myers

Scientific Games

How long have you been a proposal manager/specialist/ writer?

I have been a proposal manager for 4 years (as of 2014).

How did you become involved with proposals?

Through networking, I became exposed to the proposal industry.

Do you work in a "corporate office" or "home office" environment?

I work in a corporate office.

What do you like best about working in your current environment?

I like being able to interact with everyone on the proposal team. A collaborative environment is what drives me to be successful.

What do you like least about working in your current environment?

Sometimes it can be really loud whereas other times it can be deathly quiet.

What do you feel is the most challenging aspect of your job?

The most challenging aspect of being a proposal manager no matter where you work is getting people to stick to due dates.

What shortcuts or helpful best practices about working with proposal teams could you share?

There are many but my two favorites are cover sheets and SharePoint. My coversheet is a 1 page table containing all the critical aspects of the RFP including: Client Name, Title, Due Date, Key Dates, Contract Details, Production and Project Team on 1 page that's pasted to the front of my RFP. We do a lot of document sharing and versions are constantly being updated. SharePoint is a great collaboration tool and helps manage version control.

Why/when did you join APMP?

I recently decided proposal management is the career path I want to continue to pursue and joining APMP was the perfect opportunity to advance my career and knowledge base.

What is your method for successfully working with your proposal teams?

Being understanding of other people's time and fostering open communication.

Which type of proposals do you do most? Commercial, government or other?

So far I have only worked on government proposals.

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