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Joni Charron

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Questions Joni's Answers
How long have you been a proposal manager/specialist/ writer? Nine years - started in 2001
How did you become involved with proposals? Job requirements at a new company I went to work for totally changed after 9/11 - it was more important to get the proposals done than what I was hired to do which was consultant relations.
Do you work in a "corporate office" or "home office" environment? I work remotely from home but go to my corporate office on an as needed basis for production, meetings, special events, etc. I have the best of both worlds.
What do you like best about working in your current environment? I'm much more productive at home since I have no distractions, and you can't beat the commute.
What do you like least? My least favorite thing about working at home is wardrobe is seriously lacking in style.
What do you feel is the most challenging aspect of your job? Most challenging aspect is the volume of work and the lack of hours in a day.
What shortcuts or helpful best practices about working with proposal teams could you share? Ask for help if you can't meet your deadline! Never assume someone knows the process. Ask them if they need a one on one call to explain how the process works. Make sure key reviewers block off time on their calendar on set dates to do their reviews.
Why/when did you join APMP? Approximately 2002
What is your method for successfully working with your proposal teams? Constant communication (typically via email) and status file updates
Which type of proposals do you do most? Commercial, government or other? Commercial

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