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Colin Stayton

Kenco Logistic Services

Questions Colin's Answers
How long have you been a proposal manager/specialist/ writer? 2 years
How did you become involved with proposals? I worked as a copywriter for 4 years prior to becoming a proposal manager. I was drawn to proposal writing because it put me closer to center of the action, so to speak. I can see up close how companies vet each other and make strategic business decisions.
Do you work in a "corporate office" or "home office" environment? Corporate office
What do you like best about working in your current environment? Our sales department is a small, close-knit group within a pretty large (5,000-employee) company. It’s easy to feel lost in a corporate environment, but being on the frontlines of business growth helps me feel like an important part of the organization.
What do you like least? As someone who has to articulate our company’s value proposition on a daily basis, I’m expected to know everything about the company. It can be wearying at times to manage that unrealistic expectation.
What do you feel is the most challenging aspect of your job? Taking the same information and finding new, interesting ways to present it to customers.
What shortcuts or helpful best practices about working with proposal teams could you share? Force the tough questions early on. A lot of teams coast through the proposal process until the very end, when they suddenly realize that a piece of business may not be the right kind of business for the company. Pursuing a deal that doesn’t make strategic sense (or that the company is unlikely to win) results in a lot of wasted effort that could have been prevented on the front end.
Why/when did you join APMP? It allows for cross-industry learning.
What is your method for successfully working with your proposal teams? Everyone has different opinions. By continually steering the conversation back to what’s best for the customer, I can help other team members move past their personal preferences and ideas and find alignment.
Which type of proposals do you do most? Commercial, government or other? Commercial

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